Backup & Restore

How to backup SQL Server Database

I’ve didn’t realize before that mostly of my task on this new company is become a Database Administrator. Actually I apply to this company as an Windows System Administrator. But not much to do here as Windows System Administrator, because all windows server was already distributed to our client, so beside as an System Administrator, I also have to become a SQL Server Admin.

I have so little experience in Microsoft SQL Server, but that don’t make me despair to learn about new thing. I don’t even know what really is DBA job and responsibility, but I’ve just receive some task from developer team, which related to SQL Server. I promise to myself that I have to learn about MS SQL Server and will record everything about it in this blog.

My first task couple days ago was to backup a customer database which I think it’s easy enough because on my previous job, backup and restore database thing was some of my main responsibility. There is some way to do this, but based on my experience, I’m using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to do backup and restore database because I think its easy for me :). I will write down the step i take to backup that database on the following :

On SSMS window, expand the Databases menu on Object Explorer


Select the database you want to backup, Right click on that database name, point to Task – Backup



Backup database window will appear


On the source section, ensure  that Database name is the one you want to backup

Select backup Type Full or Differential. (If database recovery model  is Bulk-Logged or Full Recovery model, there will be another backup type which is : Transaction Log)

In this case, I want to perform a full backup for that database, so I choose Full Backup

On Backup Set, you can leave it by default or you type the different value as you want to.

You also can set backup expired time, but in my case i leave it by default.

On Destination Section, you can use default location or you can choose different location

If you want to choose different location, first you have to remove the old destination, then click on Add button to choose different location and file name.



Click Ok, then OK again to start backup.

That’s it. you can verify backup file when it’s complete. Finally I’ve made my first post on this blog. 😀


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