Copy paste on remote session won’t work

One of our client server suddenly inaccessible even by remote desktop connection, from browser or using ping command. After they found the solution so that server become accessible on network, unfortunately now appear new problem. They cannot copy from that remote server to their local computer or vice versa.

I think maybe variety reason for this issue and maybe related with the network problem before. Actually it’s really annoying when they need to copy a file or folder into that remote computer but it wont work at all.

The solution is quite simple. There is a little program which responsible for managing share clipboard between local computer and remote server. That little program called rdpclip.exe. So what I’m going to do to solve this problem is only need to restart that rdpclip.exe using the following step :

Open Task Manager by Right click on Task Bar and then click Start Task Manager, Click on Processes Tab, and find a process named rdpclip.exe. Right click that process name and click End Process


Still on Task Manager window, click on File  and then click New Task (Run…). Type rdpclip.exe and press Enter.


Once rdpclip.exe is relaunched, you should be able to copy paste from or to remote desktop computer.


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