Create Windows Server 2012 R2 Failover Cluster on Hyper-V

In this post I will write step by step guide how to create Windows Server 2012 R2 fail-over cluster. I’ve simulated this fail-over clustered on lab/test environment using Hyper-V on my Windows 10 laptop. I already Have 3 windows server Virtual Machine running, one will server will be a Domain Controller and also will hosting shared storage for fail-over cluster, then the other two virtual machine will be two nodes Windows server failover cluster. This third machine will be named : DC01, SQL01, and SQL02.

Assuming all two nodes was successfully joined to same domain, and you’ve already prepared shared storage, login to SQL01, open server manager and click “Add roles and features


Click “Next


Select “Role-based or feature-based installation” and click “Next


Select a server from the server pool and click “Next”


Nothing to select in “Select server roles” page, click “Next


Select “Failover Clustering” feature and click “Add Features” to add features that are required for Failove Clustering and Click “Next” on select features page


Review selected features on confirmation page and click “Install


Once the installation has completed, click “Close”


Repeat the same step above to add “Failover Clustering” roles on the second server node (SQL02).  Once “Failover Clustering” role has successfully installed on SQL02, go back to SQL01, and from server manager, click “Tools” from menu bar and click “Failover Cluster Manager


On “Failover Cluster Manager” window, click “Validate Configuration


Click “Next


On “Select servers or a cluster” page, type server name or click “Browse” to select server names you want to add into failover cluster and click “Next


Select “Run all tests (recomended)” and click “Next


Click “Next” on confirmation page to run testing


Wait a while for testing to run. Once validation test has completed,ensure that “Create the cluster now using the validated nodes” has selected and click “Finish


Click “Next” on create cluster wizard begin page


On Access Point for Administering Cluster page, type Cluster Name, enter a valid IP Address for this cluster, and click “Next


Leave the default option selected on confirmation page and click “Next


Wait a while when failover clustering has configured


 Once the configuration has completed, review the summary and click “Finish


Windows Server failover clustering has successfully configured, make sure that all cluster resources are online. You will now see that Current Host Server is : SQL01.


Test your failover cluster configuration by turn off the “SQL01” or manually move all resource from current node to the other cluster node.


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